Homemade meals from artisan chefs delivered to your door
Greenmarket-sourced ingredients

We've put in the extra effort to bring you the highest-quality ingredients sourced from local and organic farmers and partners we know and trust. We provide nutritional info with all of our food to help you choose the best meal for your family.

NYC artisan chefs cook from scratch

We partner with chefs who cook their specialties from scratch in small batches daily. Every meal has a story that's meaningful to the chef who cooked it — often times, it's a childhood favorite with a new twist.

As simple as seamless

We get it. We'd all love to cook the delicious food mom used to make every weeknight, but with busy schedules, it's just not possible. CookUnity is the perfect solution — it's as convenient as ordering takeout. Now, healthy, tasty, and real is possible.

Delivered fresh in 30 minutes

Everyday, we feature two chefs and their specialty meal. Once you choose the dinner you'd like to eat, order on-demand or schedule delivery. Each meal is a balanced dinner solution that includes one entree, two side dishes, and a small dessert. We encourage you to have fun with our meals — order in advance and try different cuisines and chefs with your family and friends. What are you waiting for?

We cook with love

Wouldn't it be amazing to know the people who are cooking your meals? Meet our chefs.

Diamond Wynn

Diamond's Puerto Rican roots played a major role in her development as a Caribbean and Latin cuisine chef. Today she cooks for the mayor, private events, and other high end clients in Manhattan.

Chris Ratel

Chris is a private chef. After spending time in the Hudson Valley area, he developed a strong appreciation for food in its purest, most organic form, as well as for the farmers and purveyors who produce it.

Ann Jordan

Ann is a seasoned chef with 10 years of experience in top-notch New York restaurants. Ann loves to cook timeless classic recipes and focuses on American and Soul food.

Oscar Monterosso

When he is not in the Hamptons working (and enjoying), Oscar is a private chef in Manhattan who also teaches Italian cuisine. He loves how cooking brings people together around the dinner table.

Marni Vail

Born and raised in Japan, Marni's strongest influence is still her mother. Her passion for cooking stems from her appreciation of her friendships and from hosting parties with her loved ones.

Yukari Koya

Yukari decided to pursue her culinary passion. In each of her meals, she strives to deliver that uniqueness that can only be achieved through home cooking - a delicate balance of simple ingredients and classic techniques.

Allie Pisano

Allie is a young chef studying at the Natural Gourmet Institute. Allie is known for her creative vegetarian dishes. Her Mushroom Ragu is one of the best dishes CookUnity had in the winter.

Mechi Coto

Mechi was born in Argentina, a country influenced by Italian cuisine. She has been cooking at home for friends and family for a long time. She is always searching for seasonal ingredients and trying new things in the kitchen in an effort to reinvent simple Italian recipes.

Ora Wise

Ora grew up with her family's vegetarian kitchen and organic garden. Ora apprenticed at Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farms, where she deepened her knowledge about the process of growing what we eat in the city.

Brigitte Vicenty

"My passion for being a chef is eternal. I love how people get excited when they find themselves in the presence of quality food."

Elizabeth Reyes

Elizabeth is a mastermind in the kitchen, drawing her professional expertise from 8 years of experience. She loves simple recipes that families can enjoy!

Chris Davis

Chris is known for his ambition. People hire him year round to create crazy events around the globe. His last event was in Australia in February - check out his Instagram! He recently moved from Atlanta to NYC.

Jamie Leanse

Jamie's love of the culinary arts was inspired by her mother and grandmothers very early in life, and continues to grow. At the age of 10 she was diagnosed with a severe dairy allergy. In order to eat for her health Jamie started cooking specifically to her dietary needs, and has been enjoying the challenges of that ever since.

Let's improve the way we cook and eat, as a community
Dinner is better when we enjoy it together

Every day brings an opportunity to connect with loved ones while enjoying delicious, homemade food.